Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rehab Zombies

I sit in group day after day listening to these people that don't do anything but repeat and contradict theirselves. They say they don't believe in God but they say the Serenity Prayer and say "Amen" at the end. They share and say their confused and don't know what they believe they are going to do when they get out of rehab. But at the same time their going to use in moderation or stay sober through the summer and start back when they go back to college and just not use as much and or stay away from their drug of choice. All of this is BULLSHIT and none of its a feasible plan for recovery. This is like a diabetic saying they are not going to take their insulin but half as much as what the doctor prescribed and not change their diet. If a diabetic did this they would be right back at their doctor's office or in the hospital. Same goes for addicts. The only plan for an addict is abstinence. And if you can't get that thru your fucking head your going to be right back in rehab or dead. You can never stop working your recovery plan and everybody's recovery plan is not the same but everybody's does include abstinence. But for you Zombies out their keep thinking your special and there will be nothing but jails, institutions, and death for you.

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